What is SAFIO?

SAFIO is a  Work-From-Home opportunity providing client support to a wide variety of companies. 

What does this mean exactly? 

It means that your home office becomes an independent call center.  BUT unlike other call centers:

  • You are NOT tied to the phone for 8 hrs a day. YOU choose your schedule.
    • Work 10 hours with a half hour break between each hour.
    • Work 30 min several times a day.
    • Work 16 hours straight! 
    • Take a 4 hour lunch.
    • Work WHENEVER YOU WANT, whatever DAYS you want, whatever TIMES you want! 
  • No uniform! No getting out in the weather!  No driving ANYWHERE.  Depending on how you set up your home office, you really don't even have to get out of BED!

    • The only exception to the 'No uniform' is if you take video calls. You will have a shirt and a 'background' that fits to the back of your chair.  

  • Never any cold calling. You are the customer support department for the client company you work for, and their customers call YOU. 

Whether you are booking cruise  reservations, scheduling timeshares,  dispatching Emergency Roadside Assistance to motorists, helping people sell their stuff, or even helping with tax preparation, YOU are the person people in need call for help. 

And you can do it from the comfort of you home and on the schedule YOU choose.

Want to see how easy it is to work from home?

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