Requirements for Working with SAFIO

Must have:              

-Computer  (PC or Mac)

  •  Preferably Windows 7 or 10   (Windows 8/8.1 not supported by all clients.)
  • Laptops work fine. 
  • Mac computers need Windows through Bootcamp.
  • Dual monitors are suggested for some client programs.
  • All-in-One computers are not compatible with most client programs.  (But they work OK for some.)
  • Dual boot machines, Netbooks, and Tablets are prohibited from use. 

-Hard-wired Internet:

  • All you need is an ethernet cable to plug from your modem to your computer. Find several listed here.

    You will be able to perform a connection speed test later to ensure your connections is fast enough. 

-Land-line phone

  • Must not have voicemail or call waiting.

-USB headset with microphone (For class

and meetings)

  • Find several listed here.
  • The version at the right can be found for about $20.

-Noise-cancelling headset with dial pad (For work)

  • Find several listed here.
  • The version at the right can be found for about $30.

-A QUIET environment

  • Your call center must remain as professional as any other brick and mortar call center. Customers who call must believe that we  are assisting them from the company call-center   location.

  • We are not allowed to have any background noise. All calls are recorded for quality and training purposes. If ANY background noise can be heard--children, pets, people talking, TV noise, etc--the client could terminate your contract.

No problem, right?  

Scroll down to see how to begin!

What do I need to do? 

  • The first step is to fill out the pre-application.  (The button is at the bottom of this  page.) Someone will contact you to answer your questions and tell you more about the job. You will also get the SAFIO Partner log-in password  so you can see the other job pages. 
  • When you are ready to continue, you will then register on the host portal. You will be asked to sign a few forms, including a non-disclosure agreement.  Once you are on the portal, you will be able to see the current certification courses available. 
  • Complete enrollment process and pay for class.   
    • YOU are responsible for your certification fee. Why? To guarantee that you will go to class!   If SAFIO pays for a seat for each person who expresses interest, then half do not go to class, we are out $$, plus the class is not full, so the client's needs will not be met.   (Costs range from $10 up to $250.)

  • GO TO CLASS!  

You are not allowed to miss any classes. Most are five days a week for several weeks. Please don't start one that you will not be able to finish since refunds are not available.  Dropping a class could also bar you from enrolling in another for several weeks. 

In addition to your class period, you will also have homework each day.  So be sure to plan enough time for that. 

  • Once certified, you will be able to make your schedule. 
  • Start working and MAKE $$$$. 

Sounds easy, RIGHT?!?!

Then click below to fill out the Pre-application!

A SAFIO rep will contact you ASAP.

Take a quick peek at the types of jobs you can choose from.

(Not all are available all the time--depending on client need. )

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