Each client pays differently.  Here are a few other things to take into consideration when deciding the pay rate you require. 

  • Commuter expenses:
    • Fuel, wear and tear on your car, time wasted.
  • Coffee, breakfast, and lunch expenses. 
  • Work clothes, makeup, hair costs.

Try this form to see how much you would save working from home.   

Hourly rate savings

Then use the Hourly Rate Savings Equivalent to decide how much you need to earn.  

For example: Your Hourly Rate Savings Equevelnt comes to $5/hr, and you see a client that pays  $11/hr, by staying home and saving that $, you could be earning the equivalent of $16/hr!

Another way to look at it: If your current job pays $15/hr and your HRSE comes to $5, then you are only bringing home $10/hr pay. 

Now, scroll down to see how you can make more per hour.

What is Incentivized Pay? 

  • We want to reward agents who show up when they say they will. Commitment Adherence is one of the most important metrics for all clients we service.   
  • Your pay level is based on your Commitment Adherence percentage (CA%) for 30 days. 
  • The Required minimum CA% for all clients is 90%. This means that over a 30-day period, you worked 9  of the 10 hours you committed to.  This gives you plenty of leeway when things come up. 


Level 1: We hope you never see this level! This is your hourly pay if your CA% falls below 85%. 

Level 2: Keep that CA% rising! Here is your pay if your CA% is 85 - 89%. 

Level 3: We appreciate your dependability! Earn this level if you keep your CA% at 90 and above.   

  • If your % begins to drop,  we can work together to bring it back up.
  • Watch the videos on the training page to learn more. 

Some clients offer extra incentives.  Earn these and they will be listed separately on your paystub so you can see how much you are appreciated!

Some incentives you could earn. (Client specific. Most are mentioned in the Client Opportunity listings):

  • Servicing during peak times.
  • Two and Three star service
  • Upselling and commissions for sales positions.
  • Bilingual opportunities. 

Other stuff:

  • Pay days are the 15th and the last day of the month. 
  • Paychecks can be split between up to three accounts.  If you prefer paper checks, they will be mailed at this time. 
  • There is a portal usage fee of $20 per pay period that will be deducted  from your check.
  • Earnings are reported through payroll, but taxes ARE NOT deducted from your check.  At the end of the year, you will have access to your annual earnings for tax purposes. 

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