There are SO MANY different opportunities for you to choose from!

OR choose more than one!

While the actual business names are hush-hush until you get into the  SAFIO partner pages, we can give you some hints. 

Customer Service Opportunities

-You can assist travelers with cruise reservations. 

-Or answer questions and help people understand their insurance and billing.

-How about providing  support for a large internet and cable provider?

-Would you like to help people reserve and rent cars?

Any of those sound interesting? How about this next category!

General Services Opportunities

-Someone is stranded on the side of the road. Send them HELP!

-OOooo Taxes.  Lots of work for this one soon. 

-You could help schedule Dr. appointments. 

All of those sound interesting, but check out these next ones . . .

Home-Service Opportunities

-How would you like to help people with their home and appliance warranties? 

-How about home improvement SHOPPING!!!

-You have the POWER!! 

Some great clients, and very well known!  Keep scrolling for more!

Retail Opportunities

You've heard of every one of these! 

-Help someone with their book purchases. 

-You can help someone sell their stuff on-line.

-MORE SHOPPING, and offering white-glove service to people who have $$$$.

-Who doesn't LOVE Office supplies???

-Everyone loves PHOTOS! 

It's gonna be hard to pick one, we know. But wait! There's more . . .

Sales Opportunities

If you are good with suggestive selling and talking people into upgrades, you can make a LOT with commissions and incentives. 

-Especially when it comes to Dinner packages, Drink packages, room upgrades, and all the good stuff that make cruises so much fun. 

There are other Sales Opportunities we will add later. Until then, look at this next set. 

Tech-Support Opportunities

-Without you, people won't be able to watch their  shows or scroll FaceBook.

-Back to the taxes. Who can tax firms call for help with their preparation and software issues? YOU! 

If you don't want to be so technical, how about planning vacations? 

Travel Opportunities

-Have you ever swapped your house? Well you can help others try it! 

-More cruising. This is a busy company!

-Or making resort reservations for family fun!

-Time-shares anyone? YOU can help keep up with scheduling  and reservations. Also for international resorts. 

If your voice is made for the phone, but your face should be in front of the camera, then video chatting is for YOU! 

Video Opportunities

-Some people  like to SEE who is helping them with their taxes. 

But wait . . . There's More! 

There are also several Bilingual Opportunities as well as  Opportunities for agents in the UK and Canada!

Have you seen enough? Ready to find your dream job? Then fill out the SAFIO Pre-application and let's get started!

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